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Dialect MP3 Downloads:

34 Track 34 BNC. Wolverhamoton M, David 1

33 Track 33 BNC. Intro to Midlands 1

02 Track 02 BNC. Vowels 1

Dialect Links:

Basil Heatley from Coventry

Warwickshire Wicket Keeper

Jamie Blundell from Conventry

Young Girls from Conventry discussing the dialect

Middle aged women from Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire

Ron Ball – Warwickshire politician

Nigel Murray from Leamington Spa

Care givers from Warwickhire - Good for rhythm and sound shifts. The first few are not articulating enough for stage but the black woman is.

Rugby Warwickshire — good for rhythm and sounds shifts, but too mumbled and quick for stage

84 & 86