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Subscribing to email notifications is a great way to stay current with new or updated content on your wiki.  You will receive an email each time new content is added or existing content is changed.

You can be notified for either Pages or Blogposts

Other Information

View all your subscriptions

Manage your email settings


  1. Click on the Pages link in the left-hand navigation column.

  2. Select Watch this Space on the right-hand side


  1. To receive notifications for all blog posts, select Blog from the left-hand sidebar (Note: this may or may not be available in all spaces)
  2. Select Watch this Blog from the right-hand side

View Your Subscriptions ('Watches')

  1. Open your personal settings menu and select Watches (also available at:
  2. You will be able to view all of the spaces and pages you have watched:

Adjust your email settings

  1. To adjust your email settings, open your personal menu and select Settings
  2. Click the Email button on the left-hand column and then select Edit (at the bottom) to make changes to your email preferences.

  3. Once your changes are complete, select 'Submit'