Wiki Maintenance

The Wiki service ( will be down for urgent maintenance and will be unavailable on Monday, July 24th (today) from 4-5pm.

Upcoming Wiki Changes

Important! There are changes coming to the Wiki. For information about these changes, as well as what options users have, please visit the Wiki Service Change Options and FAQs page.

Due to the open nature of wikis, you may find your wiki being populated by spam content.  This is junk content that contains links to other, non-related websites.  Spam content is often an issue when wiki spaces allow anonymous content creation.  There are two methods to control spam creation on your wiki space:

  1. Most spam can be avoided by adjusting the permissions for your wiki space.  Follow these helpful tips:
    1. Do not allow anonymous content creation
    2. Give Anonymous users "View Only" permission to enable viewing by any individual regardless of their logged in status (see attached screenshot).
    3. Restrict editing to 'uiowa-users' for HawkID users or 'confluence-users' for HawkID and external users.
    4. Most individuals only need 'View, Add Pages, and Add Comments' permissions.
  2. Monitor content creation or edits by subscribing to an email update for your wiki space.
  3. Delete spam pages as needed or if the wiki space is no longer needed, contact Wiki Support to have the space removed entirely.


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