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Three to Five Days


Olivia Clement
DirectorNatalie Villamonte Zito
Stage Manager


Gallery, MacVey

1st Rehearsal

Sept. 20


Oct. 26-28

Performance Dates

Oct. 29-31

Roles to be Cast

ASSINE: Age- 50, New Yorker/an immigrant, single and lives alone, on the quieter side with a strong backbone, mother to a 25-yr old; their relationship is rocky.

CAROLINE: Age- late 40s/50, New Yorker, Assine’s best friend, funny and kinda bold, a therapist, single, mother to a teenager with whom she lives.

ERIC: Age- 30-40s, New Yorker, Assine’s neighbor, a copy writer and playwright, queer, new father to a baby girl, in a loving relationship.

RI: Age- mid 20s, mixed race, Assine’s daughter, a high school English teacher, pregnant but it’s a secret for now, working really hard to be a good person but past trauma gets in the way.

Sasha: Age-late 20s/early 30s, of Russian descent, an imaging technician at Brooklyn’s LHR clinic, still finds her job interesting but it can feel like going through the motions at times, loves to party on the weekends.


Assine Dahan awaits her results after a visit to Lennox Hill Radiology. In the days that follow, a conversation with her daughter explodes to the surface, leaving Assine full of shame, hope, and longing.


Holiday Conflicts

* Holidays marked with an asterisk (*) begin at sundown on the previous day.

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