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  1. http://equalityacrossamerica.org/blog/?page_id=19

    Information on the big march on Washington that is happening soon.

  2. The first link is to a commercial put out by a group that calls themselves the national Organization for Marriage (NOM). Apart from including some really bad acting (someone posted the audition footage at one point in time, which was hilarious), it gives you a sense of the rhetoric used by people. The second link has a debate between the president of NOM and the president of the Human Rights Campaign. It unpacks a little of what a load of crock the commercial is and also brings up some of the issues we talked about today. The third link is to a parody of the commercial that i think is really fun.





  3. Just a funny video about what a bible based marriage is. Not academic, but these are the types of things our characters would be seeing and thinking about.


  4. Part 1 of a segment 60 min did on exploring sexual orientation. obviously doesn't answer any questions, but is interesting. Part 2 should be easy to find on the right side of the screen (related videos)


  5. these are links to Videos of Dan Savage, a sex/relationship columnist who is himself gay. the first video is on gay marriage, and the second video is on coming out. both videos make some really great points.



  6. This is from an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Posted it for a few reasons. First, it deals with gays in the military. second, it's an example of a gay story line, which is starting to become more and more frequent in tv, movies, etc. If you are interested in watching other clips/movies, i got a bunch so don't hesitate to ask!


  7. Here is some info on the bar scene in Minneapolis. I couldn't find anything about what happened at the 19 bar, but the first link has some reviews and whatnot for the bar.

    http://minneapolis.gaycities.com/bars/910-19-bar http://www.gay90s.com/ http://www.saloonmn.com/ http://twincities.citysearch.com/profile/5571717/minneapolis_mn/brass_rail.html http://www.townhousebar.com/

  8. the first link is to a gay rights group that is very active in mn. The second link is info about the legislative history of gay marriage legislation in minnesota. Don't understand it all myself, but it's a start, and it has some links to a lot of good info on the issue.



  9. Do you think it would be possible to have someone from the GLBT at Iowa come to a rehearsal and talk to us?  I think we could get some great insights (for those of us who are not gay at a midwest university), and then we would have a partnership with a group that could come to our show . . .

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9Y6w6By1Zo&NR=1

    I think this debate (though it takes place after the timeline of the play), is vital to our play, especially Harold and Aden's characters.