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 Joe is an ambitious, struggling singer/songwriter living in NYC with his fiancé, Sarah. One fateful evening, Joe crosses paths with Dima, an idiosyncratic yet charming Russian “businessman”, and they enter into something resembling a Faustian arrangement. The rollercoaster ride that ensues forces everyone to face the old adage: “Be careful what you wish for.”

CHARACTERS: (in order of appearance)

Joe (late 20s early 30s): a stubborn slacker with the raw material to be a rock star. Joe is someone who manipulates others by letting them believe he could be what they want him to be. Preferably plays an instrument to accompany himself. Guitar is preferable. 

Patil (mid to late 20s): an Armenian beauty. She is Dima’s right hand woman. She keeps him on schedule and out of trouble. *could double as Waitress, Interviewer, or a Bandmember. Must speak with a convincing Eastern European accent.

Dima (ageless but seems to be around 40): Self-possessed, charming and impulsive. Passionate one minute and subtly terrifying the next, Dima – no matter what he looks like – has the swagger of one of the rat pack or a young Marlon Brando. Must speak with a convincing Russian accent.

Misha (30s): Dima’s muscle and valet. A gentle giant who doesn’t think twice about beating you down. *should double as a Bandmember. Must speak with a convincing Russian accent.

Sarah (late 20s early 30s): Engaged to Joe. She wants what she wants, which is a life that is comfortable and more importantly stable. She loves and appreciates artists but is not one herself. *could double as Waitress, Interviewer, or a Bandmember.

O’Cairn (late 20s early 30s): the “fuck up” son of an Irish mobster. He’s a selfish child who doesn’t think consequences apply to him. *probably doubles as Ted. Could also be a Bandmember. Must speak with a convincing Irish accent.

Ted (ageless but, at least, early 20s): the man knows his craft. The kind of guy who spends all his time listening to and crafting sounds, beats, rthymes... but who also partakes in the indulgences of a rock-n-roll lifestyle if they’re at hand. *probably doubles as O’Cairn. Could also be a Bandmember.

Joe’s Bandmembers: 3-4 musicians who back-up Joe during his sets. Waitress: Doubles with either Sarah or Patil.
Interviewer: Doubles with either Sarah or Patil. 


Rehearsals begin the week of April 5th

Performance Date: Friday, May 8th

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