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Last Sync with Prod: 6/13/2022

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2.16.09 Monday - T08 TAF
7:00     Ms. Daniels (act opening and closing speeches)
7:30     Add: Ms. Gavin (p40-42)
8:30     Add: Mr. Parks (blocking clean up p64D-69)
9:00     Add: Mr. Sexton, Mr. Schares, Mr. Henrich, Mr. Gallagher (Nat's Act III "death")
10:00   (Nat/Thomas top of Act III)

2.17.09 Tuesday - Room 170 TB
7:00     Ms. Daniels (music with Joe)
7:45     Add: Mr. Gallagher, Mr. Henrich, Ms. Gavin, Mr. Sexton (p48-50)
8:30     Add: Ms. Blake (Nat/Mouse/Lizbeth p 54-57)
9:15     Full Company (Act III)

2.18.09 Wednesday - Room 170 TB
8:00     Ms. Daniels, Ms. Gavin (song with Joe)
9:00     Full Compnay (Run-Thru off book)
12:00   END

2.19.09 Thursday - Room 170 TB

7:45  Ms. Gavin, Mr. Sexton (p.48)

8:45  Ms. Daniels, Ms. Gavin. (Music)

9:45 Full Company

     - transitions, begin run when 10-Minute performers arrive

11:00 End

 2.20.09  Friday - Room 170 TB

7:30 Mr. Sexton, Ms. Daniels (p. 27)

8:30 Ms. Daniels, Mr. Sexton, Mr. Henrich, Mr. Gallagher (Mouse's story of the boy)

9:15 Ms. Daniels, Ms. Gavin, Mr. Henrich, Mr. Gallagher (Music)

9:45 Full Company

 - transitions and stage adjustments, run top of Act II when 10-Minute performers arrive

Saturday Noon - 6:00, T08 TAF

Full Company

2.22.09 Sunday
Volunteers encouraged to assist with load-in after the strike of Ten Minute :  )

Questions? Please contact Kizzy Marco, SM


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