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                                Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov

                                                                    Dramaturged by Connie Winston and Brett Janecek

                                                                        Alexander II (1813-1881)
                                                                    Emperor of Russia 1855-1881

"On the first day of 1874, Tsar Alexander II issued the decree that introduced the last of the Great Reforms.  In it, he announced that in his "constant solicitude for the well-being of Our Empire," he was changing the basis for military service throughout the realm.  The burden of military service, he recognized, "lies presently only on the lower urban and peasant estates, and a significant portion of Russian subjects are freed from the responsibility that should be sacred for everyone in an equal measure."  "Recent events have proven," he went on, referring to the Prussian victory over France, "that the strength of a state is not in the number of its troops alone, but is primarily in the moral and intellectual qualities of those troops.  Those qualities only reach the highest stage of development when the business of defending the fatherland becomes the general affair of the people ... when all, without distinction of title or status, unite for that holy cause." - Josh Sanborn

Pictures from Historical Productions

Questions (Submit and Receive Answers Here)

 Directed Resources:

Actor's Sourcebook

Russian Glossary 

Scenic Design Images 

Tsar Lineage: The Romanov Dynasty 

How Old is Andrey? 

 History of Criticism

Russian Characteristics 

19th Century Provincial Town (Short Article and Images) 

Images: Upper Class Provincial Life and Homes (Dachas) 

Structure of Individual Field Army 

Article: The Boring Life of a Soldier in the Imperial Army during Peace Time 

Short Story: Popular Art circa 1900 

External Links:

World Context - Age of Hope

Video: Chekhov's the Enemies 


Pronunciations: Names, Places, References .mp3 file 


Vocal Warm Up

(Please note that the charts listed below are subject to change as we make discoveries in rehearsal.) 

IPA Chart of NamesI

IPA Chart of Names II

If you would care to work your lines to music, below is a sample that sound designer Michael Cash has sketched out for the show so far.  Please note that this music is copyrighted and may not be used or reproduced without permission.01 ???????.m4a

 Three Sisters Sample Music

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