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Theatre Arts Undergrad Course Offerings by Semester*

*Note: This table reflects courses that are typically offered during each semester.  There is a possibility that a course may or may not be offered during any given semester.  When planning your schedule, consult with MyUI for the most accurate course offerings for that particular semester.

Fall 2022

Spring 2023

THTR:3630 Special Topics in Theatre Arts: Audio Plays

THTR:1140 Basic Acting
THTR:2120 Movement: Special Topics
THTR:2140 Acting I
THTR:2175 Musical Theatre: Special Topics
THTR:2610 Acting for Success
THTR:2620 Improvisation for Engineers, Scientists, and the Curious
THTR:3110 Voice for the Actor
THTR:3120 Theatre Movement
THTR:3140 Acting II
THTR:4144 Acting: Special Topics 

THTR:2880/5880 Installations and Interactive Performance 
THTR:2890/5890 Producing and Directing Digital Video
THTR:3210 Makeup Design for the Stage 
THTR:3230 Scene Design I
THTR:3240 Costume Design I
THTR:3250 Lighting Design I
THTR:3270 Entertainment Design
THTR:4270 Scenic Art
THTR:5230 Scene Design III
THTR:5250 Lighting Design III
THTR:5200 Graduate Design Seminar

THTR:1401 Theatre and Society: Romantics and Rebels
THTR:1410 Musical Theatre History 
THTR:1412 The Arts in Performance 
THTR:2301 Playwriting I
THTR:2320 Playwriting in a Global World 
THTR:2402 Script Analysis 
THTR:2411 History of Theatre and Drama II
THTR:3301 Playwriting II
THTR:3320 Writing for Film 
THTR:3402 Shakespeare the Dramatist 
THTR:3610 Drama in the Classroom 
THTR:5420 Dramaturgy Practicum

THTR:2215 Theatre Technology
THTR:2220 Production Lab 
THTR: Stage Management I
THTR:3510 Introduction to Arts Management 
THTR:5500 Stage Management: Special Topics

THTR:1140      Basic Acting
THTR:1141      Basic Acting II
THTR:2120      Movement: Special Topics
THTR:2140      Acting I
THTR:2610      Acting for Success
THTR:2620      Improv for Engineers, Scientists, and the Curious
THTR:3110      Voice for the Actor
THTR:3120      Theatre Movement
THTR:3140      Acting II
THTR:4144      Acting: Special Topics
THTR:4180      Directing I
THTR:4605      Undergrad Career Preparation

THTR:2890      Producing and Directing Digital Video
THTR:3210      Makeup Design for the Stage
THTR:3230      Scene Design I
THTR:3250      Lighting Design I
THTR:3260      Sound Design for the Theatre
THTR:3615      Action! Engage!  For the Public Good
THTR:3876      Video for Performance
THTR:3895      Performance, Art, and New Technologies in Society
THTR:4230      Scene Design II
THTR:4240      Costume Design II
THTR:4250      Lighting Design II
THTR:4290      Design: Special Topics

THTR:1400      Theatre and Society: Ancients and Moderns
THTR:1411      Comedy and Society
THTR:1412      The Arts in Performance
THTR:2301      Playwriting I
THTR:2320      Playwriting in a Global World
THTR:2402      Script Analysis
THTR:2405      Staging Americans
THTR:2410      History of Theatre and Drama I
THTR:2605      Monsters, Victims, and Villains: Changing Perceptions
THTR:3301      Playwriting II
THTR:3310      Undergraduate Playwriting Workshop
THTR:3315      Standup Comedy Practicum
THTR:3401      Topics in Dramatic Literature
THTR:3610      Drama in the Classroom
THTR:5420      Dramaturgy Practicum          

THTR:2215      Theatre Technology
THTR:2220      Production Lab
THTR:3510      Introduction to Arts Management
THTR:4510      Arts Leadership Seminar