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Red All Over


Eric Holmes


Marina Bergenstock


Gallery in Theatre B

1st Rehearsal

September 21

Load InOctober 25


October 26-28


October 29 -November 1

Roles to be Cast

Edie: Mid 20's, any race.

Duane: Mid 20's, any race.

Sooz: Late 30's - early 40's, workshop leader, any race.

Viv: Late 30

Drea (Andrea): 20's,


her assistant, any race.

Tom: Early 40's, husband, White.

Viv: Late 30's, wife, any race.


Strange and divergent lives intersect when a comedy club hosts a "personal development" workshop for real estate agents in New York City.


Sex & Violence & Real Estate

Holiday Conflicts

Sept. 23 – Yom Kippur, Sept. 24 – Eid al-Adha, Sept. 28–Oct 4 – Sukkot

Oct. 12 – Columbus Day, Oct. 24 – Day of Ashura/Muharram, Oct. 31 - Halloween