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This behavior has changed as of May 2013, when the wiki was upgraded.

When interacting with users in the wiki, it is important to understand how the wiki interacts with the University's HawkID (Active Directory) system.


If you have connected your ICON course to a wiki space, your classlist group will be automatically created within the wiki with the appropriate permissions applied. 

However, only users who exist in the wiki will be added to the wiki classlist group.  If a student has never logged in to the wiki, they do not yet exist in the wiki and will not be added to the group (see below for further explanation).  ICON will sync enrollments to the wiki group every night, so that if a student does log in to the wiki, the wiki user account is created, and they will be added to the classlist group within 24 hours.

Dual Directories

Both the wiki and the university have a directory of users.  When an individual signs in to the wiki for the first time (using their HawkID), their information is copied into the wiki's user directory.  Prior to this initial log in, the user did not exist within the wiki (even though they were in the university's system).

User Not Found

If you search within the wiki for an individual who has never signed in to the wiki, you will not find the individual.  This is because their user information has not yet been transferred into the wiki (see 'Dual Directories' above for further information).

Moving Forward

If you are trying to add an individual to the permissions of a wiki space, and they do not appear in the results, ask the individual to sign in to the wiki.  After they sign in, you will be able to find the user in the wiki and add them to the wiki space permissions.  Then, the individual can see the intended space.