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View An Explanation of Wiki Users to understand the University of Iowa's users.

As a Space Administrator, you have the responsibility of setting and maintaining appropriate permissions for your wiki.  You can give a variety of permissions to individuals, groups, or allow anonymous access.  The purpose of your wiki will often necessitate how open or closed your space will be.

  1. To view your space permissions, navigate to your wiki space.
  2. Select Space Tools from the left-hand menu. Note: If you do not see this option, you do not have administrative access for the wiki space.  This tutorial uses the default 'Global' theme.  If you are using the 'Documentation' theme, select Browse > Space Admin.

  3. Select Permissions from the top menu and select the Permissions tab

  4. Now that we are on the permissions page, we can see the groups, individuals, and anonymous access for this space.  Below you will see some of the common groups for a lot of spaces:
    1. ITS-HD-Staff = ITS Help Desk Staff
    2. ITS-SITA = ITS Student Instructional Technology Assistants
    3. confluence-users = All individuals (external & internal) with a wiki account
    4. uiowa-users = Only individuals with a HawkID

  5. While many permission levels exist, most needs will be met with View, Add Pages, and Add Comments permissions.


    Anonymous Access: It is not recommended to allow anonymous creation of content (comments, pages, or blogs). Any individual can create a wiki account, so we recommend using 'confluence-users' (mentioned above) to allow open access to your wiki. This will allow better tracking of revisions and blocking of unwanted users.

  6. To be able to access the Space Admin area (which includes space permissions and themes), the Space Admin column needs to be checked
  7. To adjust permissions, select the Edit Permissions button (it doesn't matter which one)

  8. Add a user by typing the individual's name.  You will see a dropdown list of options as you type.


    Only users who have signed in to the wiki will be available.  If you do not see the individual, please contact them and ask them to sign in to the wiki.


  9. Select Add.  The new user will automatically have 'View' permissions selected
  10. Use the checkboxes to select the appropriate permissions.  Use the gearbox at the end of the row, to select or de-select all checkboxes.


    Note: To remove a user, deselect all checkboxes.

  11.  Once you have adjusted the permissions, select the Save All button (bottom left) to complete the changes.

  12. You have adjusted your space permissions!


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