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TitleGlobal Express

Q Brothers Workshop

DirectorEric Forsythe

The Q Brothers Company


 Special Event in Theatre B


TBD (September 8-16), 2-3 evenings per week

Special Workshop

Event Date

 September 171-September 3

Roles to be Cast

TBD (An Ensemble of 10-12 actors will be chosen from the General Auditions – Cross-cultural and multi-linguistic actors are especially encouraged to audition due to the international scope of the works)


Global Express is a unique opportunity for writers from around the world and performers here at Iowa to meet and work together, and then to present their work live on stage at the University.  As political issues continue to challenge the international social fabric, initiatives like Global Express (now, amazingly, in its fifteenth year!) help us to recognize our common humanity while celebrating our differences.  The Express, part dramatic reading, part solo-turn, part poetry slam, makes stops around the globe, "expressing" our common need for connection, empathy, and delight in each other.  All Aboard!


Works: Will consist of works from writers currently in the International Writers Program at the University of Iowa. Short selections from plays, poems, monologues and other performative works will be performed script-in-hand. 

Due to the limited time and nature of the workshop only 20 people will be selected to participate in the workshop.  Students will be considered if they participate in the Fall Auditions and fill out an index card expressing their interest.  The index cards will be available at the Fall Auditions Desk.  


The Q-Brothers is a hip-hop/rap group in Chicago that has had tremendous success nationally developing hip-hop plays from existing texts, especially Shakespeare. In three days, of course, they will just give some basics, but it will be great fun for and interesting.  Jackson Duran, who got his BA from our department a few years ago, is a Company Member and the Education Director for the group. In these workshops, participants work with an existing text, and adapt it using the language of hip hop with the ultimate goal of staging and performing their original add-rap-tation.


Please Note: Individuals who are cast in “American Idiot” will NOT be able to participate in the workshop.  Those cast in “Love Me Tender, Che Guevara” and “Hunting Bigfoot” may not be available for the workshop depending on rehearsals. 

Holiday Conflicts


Holiday Conflicts

Sept. 14-15 – Rosh Hashana