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Rehearsal Conflict Survey

  • In an attempt to get more accurate information regarding individual conflicts we are asking that you take the time to carefully fill out this survey.  

  • Conflicts that are listed and disclosed in this survey before casting will be considered by the director for approval during the casting process.  

  • Conflicts that are discovered or develop after casting must be presented to the Director of the production as soon as they are discovered. It will be up to the Director's discretion to approve of not approve of any new conflicts.

  • In some cases recasting may become necessary.

Click Here to Take the Survey


  • Journey to the Lovely Empire: August 29-September 24

  • CO/OP: September 6-October 1

  • Global Express: September 26-October 6

  • The Children's Hour: August 29-October 15

  • Lazaretto: September 19-October 15

  • rockabeye: September 12-October 23

  • Mother|Knife: September 19-October 30

  • The Bacchae: September 26-November 11

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