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Sea of Trees Song Recordings

Spider (Moriko)  
(Piano notes are vocals)

Food for the Soul (Neko)

What's on the Other Side (Aimi)

The Suicide Note of Katsuo Mori (Kats)
1st chorus in sheet music: "I'm wishing for hope" to "…save me" (piano notes are vocals)

Story of a Soul Finale (Kouki)
0:53 - End
(Please keep in mind that the end of the song doesn't exactly match the song.  We'll teach it to you at callbacks.)

  • There is no recording for "Neko", but it is to the tune of Sarah MacLachlan's "Angel".

Sea of Trees Song Scores

"Neko" (Aimi and Neko)
Whole song - for Aimi and Neko

"Spider" (Moriko)
Selection will be from "You serve me, you learn me" (p. 11) through "In the belly of the spider beside him, he's a meal" (p. 14) - Moriko

Food for the Soul (Neko)
Start at p. 17: "But why you gotta have your cake and it eat it solo" to "…you're still alive" - Neko

"What's On the Other Side" (Aimi)
Start at "But what's on the other side" (p. 15) through "…for me, for us" (p. 19) - Aimi

"The Suicide Note of Katsuo Mori" (Kats)
Top of page 4, "I'm wishing for hope but I'm clinging to rope" through "It's too late to save me." - Kats

"Story of a Soul Finale" (Kouki)
The end of the sheet music doesn't exactly match the song.  We'll teach from "know that there's" to the end of the song at callbacks. - Kouki

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