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Jonah moves with his girlfriend Annika to Laramie, Wyoming, where she’s starting her PHD in Astrobiology; and as Annika gets pulled into the swirl of graduate school, Jonah feels increasingly isolated in his new surroundings and is unable to continue his French translation work. Annika convinces him to take advantage of a free, 10-day ‘birthright’ trip to Israel to clear his head, but Jonah makes an early and unexpected return from the trip when something traumatic happens to him in Jerusalem. Although he’s shaken and somehow changed by the experience, he is unwilling to talk about it; and Annika is forced to piece together an unclear narrative from the series of daily postcards he sent her from Israel, arriving in Laramie weeks later.  



ANNIKA - Female, 26, White, half-Estonian, in her first year of a PHD in Astrobiology at the University of Wyoming, Laramie. 


JONAH - Male, 26, White, Jewish, recently graduated from the MFA translation program at the University of Iowa. ANNIKA’s boyfriend.  


KEZIAH - Female, 22, half-Arapaho, an undergraduate senior at UW- Laramie with an astronomy and visual art double major; ANNIKA’s lab assistant and mentee.  


ISAAC - Male, 26, not white, in his first year of an orthopedic surgery residency at CU-Denver Teaching Hospital. JONAH’s friend.  


JACQUES La Rami - Male, white, 26, but looks much older, weather beaten. A French-Canadian fur trader, speaks with a light French- Canadian accent



Rehearsals begin the week of April 5th

Performance Date: Tuesday, May 5th


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