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Room 170

Saturday 11:00-3:00


11:00-1:00                                                                            1:00-3:00

Catie Councell                                                                        BreAnna McNeill

Holly Grum                                                                             Sheradin Jansen

Elyse Fisher                                                                           Katy Karas

Emelia Asiedu                                                                        Morgan Jones

William Gatrell                                                                       Miriam Randolf

Randryck Lewis                                                                     Sydney Alexander

Sambit Misra                                                                         Julia Kaye Rohlf

Greg Walker                                                                           Alyssa Cokinis

Natalie Lurowist                                                                    Crystal Gurrola

William Goblirscsh                                                                Rachel Sather

Eli Jolley                                                                                 Mackenzie Elsbecker

Zach Twardowski                                                                  McKenna Goodman

Cristina Goyeneche                                                               Emma Genesen

Taylor Stuart                                                                         Liam Crawford

Caitlin Edwards                                                                     Matt Smith

Christina Sullivan                                                                  Nate Hua

Connett Croghan                                                                   Mathias Blake

Ari Craven                                                                              Sage Spiker

Anne Ogden                                                                           Chris Matheson

JaMaya Austin                                                                       Skyler Matthias

                                                                                                Emma Genesen




Sides: Sides will be available outside Room 170 starting Saturday at 10:40 AM. They are currently posted on the Wiki Page as well.



  • Please be prepared to fill out and submit your class and work schedule and any conflicts you may have. Please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early to do this and receive your sides.
  • You may be called back for multiple parts–please look carefully through the list below!
  • If you are not interested in participating in callbacks, please contact director Marina Bergenstock as soon as possible
  • Callbacks are this Saturday from 11:00-3:00 in room 170.


Please contact Marina Bergenstock if you have any questions or concerns.





Catie Councell

Elyse Fisher

Emelia Asideu

Holly Grum

JaMaya Austin

Elyse Fisher

Natalie Lurowist

Katy Karas

Natalie Lurowist

Bre Anna McNeill

Sydney Alexander

Alyssa Cokinis

Taylor Stuart

Miriam Randolph

Taylor Stuart

Caitlin Edwards

Julia-Kaye Rohlf

Caitlin Edwards

Sheradin Jansen


Crystal Gurrola

Morgan Jones


Sheradin Jansen

Anne Ogden


Rachel Sather

Christina Sullivan


JeMaya Austin

Miriam Randolph


Mackenzie Elsbecker



Morgan Jones



McKenna Goodman



Emma Genesen






Catie Councell

William Goblirsch

Miles Gatrell

Elyse Fisher

Eli Jolley

Randryck Lewis

Cristina Goyeneche

Randryck Lewis

Sambit Misra

JeMaya Austin

Zach Twardowski

Greg Walker

Morgan Jones

Liam Crawford

Mathias Blake

Miriam Randolph

Matt Smith

Sage Spiker

Julia-Kaye Rohlf

Nate Hua

Skyler Mathias



Connett Croghan



Matt Smith



Chris Matheson



Ari Craven


Click here for Side 1: Tom, Viv, and Drea

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Click here for Side 4: Edie & Duane

Click here for Side 5: Sooz mono

Click here for Side 6: Edie mono

Click here for Side 7: Edie & Drea

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