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  • High Definition is 1920x1080 pixels or (1080p for short) 

  • Standard Definition is 1280x720 pixels or (720p for short) 

  • You want to film in High Definition if you can but Standard Definition will work too.  Most phones and video cameras shoot in High Definition by default.  Just look for the HD Symbol.  

  • NOTE you do not need to shoot in 4k HD as this will is unnecessary and will make the file larger and harder to upload. 

How to Check Resolution


  • Settings>Camera>Record Video> (Set to 1080p at 30fps)


  • in the camera app, swipe from "Photo" to "Video." in either a dropdown menu (which you can open by tapping the arrow) or the Settings Menu (tap the Gear Symbol), you will have the options of resolution (choose 1920x1080 or 1080p) and Frames Per Second (choose 30).

  • (If these steps do not work google Video Resolution and your Phone type to find specific directions for your model of phone. 

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