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Aeneas:  A prince of Troy, it is Aeneas who escapes the sacking of the city and goes on to lead the refuges to Italy, where they become the ancestors of the Romans (Julius Ceasar is of this bloodline).

Helen:  Wife of Menelaus, the king of Sparta, and also the daughter of Zeus and Leda, whom the god rapped while in the form of a swan.  Helen eventually leaves Greece (either because she is kidnapped or because she wants to run away with him, depending on which version of the story you read) with Paris and sails for Troy.  Once the war is over, she goes back to Sparta with her husband.

Menelaus: King of Sparta and husband of Helen.  He is Agamemnon’s younger brother, and so is one of the cursed sons of Atreus.

Nester: King of Pylos and Father of Antilochus.  He was the oldest and the wisest of the kings who went to Troy, and so he was frequently consultaed on what the proper course of action was.

Odysseus:  Greek King of Ithaca who is the mastermind (with some help from Athena) behind the Trojan horse.  He is known as being a clever man who is something of a trickster.  The Greek authors tend to portray him in a positive light, but the Romans (who were believed to be the descendants of the Trojans), especially the poet Virgil, depict him as being more deceitful, a man without honor who relies on trickery to win.

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