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The Audition Sign Up Sheet is now locked.

Arrive 30 minutes Prior to your Audition

You must register at the audition table in the lobby of the Theatre Building at least 30 minutes prior to your audition slot or you will forfeit your slot.  Click here for more information about the auditions and the productions.

To Sign up for an Audition Time: 

1. Clicking "Log In" on the top right corner to log into the system
2. Clicking on the "Edit" button in upper right hand corner
3. Type in your name on the table (like a Word Document) by the TIME you wish to audition
4. Click "Update" at the lower right hand corner

Don't forget to update your Performer Bank profile to show that you are participating in the Spring 2022 Auditions. 



See Below 


You will be given a 4 minute time period for the musical audition.

Please prepare 1 monologue and a 32 bars of a contemporary musical theatre song ---either up-tempo or ballad.   

Actors should have their music “memorized” and should provide a copy of the music to the accompanist. 

(Actors can sing a capella or to a backing track if they prefer.)

SATURDAY, November 13th 

LOCATION: Thayer Theatre 


11:30aSamantha Mayer She/Her1:28pAlice Beberdickshe/her
11:34aSasha Tylershe/her1:32p

11:38aEmma Gostonczikshe/her1:36pAlex Granfieldhe/him
11:42aSophia Kilburgshe/her1:40pAllison SassShe/Her
11:46aTessa Ramsdenshe/her1:44pPeter NollHe/Him
11:50aAshley MiglioreShe/Her1:48p

11:54aHelaina KalmanShe/They1:52pDIRECTOR BREAK
12:00pNiyati Deshpandeshe/her2:00pKolton Stremler He/Him/His
12:04pBraxten Jonesshe/her2:04pJacob LichtHe/him
12:08pSophie Nimsshe/her2:08pEmma Hughesshe/her
12:12pEllie Turkshe/her2:12pE'mma Camarashe/her
12:16pJohn OrletHe/Him2:16pAaron KrugerHe/Him/His
12:20pJennifer HoganShe/Her2:20pHolland Larnedshe/her
12:24pDamon NallyHe/Him/His2:24pCullen AsberyHe/Him/His
12:28pSophia Considineshe/her2:28pKathleen Guerrero She/Her/Hers
12:32pJessie Shawshe/they2:32p

12:36pKayce Drevlineshe/her2:36p

Joseph Lepire

12:40pSabrina Dukeshe/her2:40pChase DittmerHe/Him/His
12:44pNeil Smithson he/him2:44pAndelyn Sundermanshe/her

2:48pEmily Colitte 


1:00pSara AlvidrezShe/Her3:00pIsabelle Humpal-Pashshe/her
1:04pDelaney WatermanShe/Her3:04pBrody Ohm He/Him/His
1:08pColin PayanHe/Him3:08p

1:12pRegan Heyingshe/her3:12pLindsey Wildman She/her
1:16pMargaret SchaferShe/they3:16pJasper RoodHe/Him/His
1:20pKatie ReddenShe/they3:20pAlice Conroyshe/her/hers
1:24pJosie FischelsShe/Her3:24pJohn StinsonHe/Him/His
This is not a Space 3:28pGrayson Blockhe/him his

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact the Department of Theatre Arts in advance at 319.335.2700.

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