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YouTube Video 1- Fury of Achilles

YouTube Video 2-BBC WorldWide

YouTube Video 3-The movie "Troy"

YouTube Video 4-Stop motion animation

YouTube Video 5-Greek and Roman Gods

YouTube Video 6-Troy 3D

YouTube Video 7-Rome Total War

YouTube Video 8-Pat Tillman Story

YouTube Video 9-Who Killed Pat Tillman? Part 1

YouTube Video 10-Who Killed Pat Tillman? Part 2

YouTube Videos of women facing oppression in Iraq and Afghanistan:

YouTube Video 11-Rethink Afghanistan: The Women of Afghanistan

YouTube Video 12-Massacre Day in Baharestan Square, Tehran,

YouTube Video 13-Women facing war: Mah-Bibi

YouTube Video 14-Women facing war: Shihnaz

YouTube Video 15-Women fleeing war: Lofo's story

YouTube Video 16-Toll on the children of Gaza. CNN interviews UNICEF"s Arsenault

Pictures of Afghan War Rugs:




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