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Notes from 3/24/09

Prepared by: Sarah Kolman

-       For the 'spook scene', Dori will now be popping up from behind the car/couch

-       Derrick will arrest Ezra from the car and give him a pat down as well.

-       Dori and Derrick will have to run around the back and enter stage left for the 'spook scene'

-       At the end, Dori will be on the platform with the chorus facing her and kneeling. Ezra is the only one not on stage during the moment

-       We need to get a zippo for Len

-       Steve needs to actually spank Carleen's ass properly

-       Carleen will always use her cell phone whenever on the phone

-       Lavinia should undo Ezra's belt during the prologue sex scene before jumping on him

-       Steve should start drinking right when the light for the railyard scene hits him

-       The railyard scene should be the same scene each time

-       Derrick should spread out during Lavinia's first teleministry

-       Steve needs to enter on cue for the "one more just beeped in"

-       Lavinia: do not look at Len so much!

-       Chorus should be on the perimeter of the scene and the main people in the center of them

-       Everyone: be careful with the top of the bar

-       Sami W. should start sweeping and make the broom sound, but then sweep without making noise except every so often

-       Dori: glare at Lavinia when you say "guides our ritual"

-       "I am grateful" needs to be powerful Lavinia

-       Everyone needs to do more puppetry with the baby

-       Derrick needs to cry whenever the baby is handed to someone else

-       Dori take a beat after Len leaves before saying your line

-       "Calm your child mind down" has been approved by Sheelah

-       Ezra should allude to his 'hurt shoulder' during the play from Steve hitting him

-       Chorus should be more center on pg. 35

-       Carleen, always check to make sure it is just a text

-       Do not foreshadow joke about the trailer park

-       We need to run the steve/lavinia/len scene again

-       Chorus should be standing with arms out like a 'cross' during the steve/lav/len scene

-       Pg. 48 was fucked up, why?

-       Pg. 52 - the chorus should not  be there, or could be at the bar (bend behind the bar?)

-       Run the lavina/len/steve/dori phone call scene

-       Work the gay bar scene again

-       Rework "Can't you see" - chorus needs to be more center and lavinia should start walking towards len when Ezra says "Crazy night..."

-       Lavinia should start by ezra and carleen when the flashbacks begin, but then make her way to the bottom of her cross for her monologue

-       1stmonologue in the 2nd act should be sincere

-       Lavinia needs to have a pregnant pause before "what"

-       "I will not argue with a false idea" needs to be stronger

-       The 2nd act dori/steve bar scene should be at a perry como bar - no crickets

-       Steve was good in the bar scene

-       Derrick needs to keep crying until steve calms him down with the song. Steve chooses the baby over the bar/booze

-       Ezra: after carleen reads the text come in with "satellite of love" and then do the bums

-       Do not emphasize "truly dead" so much

-       Dori should be more downstage for the phone call (in the SR armpit)

-       When Nathan storms out the chorus should follow him to the bar

-       "I think she always knew" should be more mystical - teach len a lesson!

-       EMPHASIZE ezra's jacket

-       Len: stand at the beginning of "dori, dori, dori!"

-       "burn" = fuck you/burn in hell

-       "shit cops" wasn't strong enough

-       Work the feather scene

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