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Here is a page where we can post helpful links whether we are looking for jobs, researching a topic or just want to know about something specific. Feel free to add a link and a description of what we can find there!

SM Network 

The SM Network is a free website of chats and discussion threads that contain a wealth of information.

Stage Managers' Association 

The SMA is a professional organization created by and for stage managers.

Theatre Communications Group 

This is a website that you can search ArtSearch for jobs and internships (you do have to pay a membership fee to gain access, but it is a great place to start). This website is also a good place to research different theatres across the nation as well as other programming. (FYI: if you are interested in ArtSearch, the Theatre Office gets the paper version twice a month and is available to students to browse.)

Backstage Jobs 

 This website is a free search for different jobs throughout the country.

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