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White Elephant


Tony Meneses


Brandon Bruce



First Rehearsal

November 15


February 8th

Dress Rehearsals

February 9-11


February 12th


February 15th

Holiday Conflicts

1/26  Chinese New Year

Roles to be Cast

Possible Doubling Scheme (subject to change): 
Madelyn - a young Irish immigrant who works in a dress shop. This actor also plays the  Brazilian Goddess.
Lottie Rutherford - the mayor's wife; a holy terror. This actor also plays Guide.
Ruby Gleeson - once a beautiful young girl, now a forgotten older lady. This actor also plays Mrs. Rosenblum - the circus organizer and planner.
Mrs. Swanson - a tough seamstress. This actor also plays Strong Woman.

Faye - the charismatic secretary to the mayor. This actor also plays Zebra.
Emmy - wife to the sheriff. She makes interesting pies. This actor also plays Polar Bear.
Candace - a florist. This actor also plays Strawberry Ruby

Arthur Grimmel - a quiet man confused with a dead one. This actor also plays Gregory - whose many adventures have given him some wonderful stories to tell.
Rolf Zimmers - a gravedigger. This actor also plays Timothy Fritch -  the dress shop owner.
Robin Shoemaker - the local Sheriff: a kind, just man. This actor also plays Journalist.
Dalton - a talkative horse thief locked in jail. This actor also plays Dorian Coulder - an extremely handsome young man - and Frost 2 - a mute.
Marcus - a quieter horse thief locked in jail. This actor also plays Indian Prince and Billposter.
Howard - a superstitious and excitable deputy to the sheriff. This actor also plays Canvasman and Photographer.
Willis Rutherford - the mayor. This actor also plays Clown.


This is an ensemble show. There is really no small role in this production.

An intimate same-sex kiss is required between two male actors. Please indicate your comfortability with this if called back.

There are a few instances of obscene language.


IMPORTANT: There will be four 6-hour rehearsals Jan. 15 - Jan. 18 (the week before classes resume in the Spring). It is ideal and recommended that performers be available to rehearse during this time.

In the first half of the twentieth century, circuses were a nationwide phenomenon that would literally shut down entire towns with the promise of its spectacle. White Elephant explores the many lives of a particular town that are each guided or interrupted by the arrival of the circus, and specifically by its pachyderm main attraction. Structurally, the play tells four distinct stories-- a mystery, a comedy, a romance, and a fantasy-- that all show how different people living completely different lives can be extraordinarily brought together by one event.|

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