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Title: Sugar Daddy

Playwright: Jeff Weisman

Director: Brittainy Barattia

Category: Reading

First Rehearsal: August 31 (4 rehearsals total)

Open: September 20, 2009

Close: September 20, 2009

Holiday Conflicts:
9/07  Labor Day
9/19-20 Rosh Hashanah

Roles to be Cast:
Lale (early 20s): A Midwestern gal trying to find her place in the dog-eat dog world of Hollywood. While trying to find success in screenwriting she gets lost in the fast-pace and glamour of the industry.
Craig (early 30s): An attractive, powerful Hollywood executive. He is willing to do anything to keep his place at the top. Extravagant and arrogant, Craig epitomizes the Hollywood hot-shot.
Scott (late 20s): An assistant at a production company. He is laid back and not consumed by the glitz, glamor, and falseness of the film industry.
Jennifer (early 30s): A mid-level Hollywood executive; fast-talking and aware of her status.


Notices: This show contains mature themes and adult situations and language.

Notes: Play Synopsis:
When Lale, a Midwestern girl, abandons the cornfields for the bright lights and big breasts of Hollywood, she has no idea of the struggles she will endure. From her low-paying job at the park district to her small-scale apartment, life in Hollywood is less fabulous than she imagined. When she meets Craig, the head of a production company, he introduces her to life in the fast lane. She is handed a job at his company and begins her climb up the corporate ladder; but nothing comes without a price. Craig promises Lale fortune and fame in return for her love (amongst other things). When Lale meets Scott, she begins to question her morals. As she climbs the Hollywood hierarchy and her pocket fattens, her life spins out of control and Lale finds she has lost touch with the Midwestern girl with a dream to create. What she finds is that she has created a monster; and life couldn't be more fabulous...

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