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Karl Gronwall


Luke Christensen & Claire Barnhart



First Rehearsal

August 31st (4 rehearsals total)


September 19th

Dress Rehearsals

September 19th


September 19th


September 19th

Holiday Conflicts

9/19-20 Rosh Hashanah

Roles to be Cast

Vincent Prule: 50's
Calvin Schleeman: 40's
Pearl Woodwind: 50's
Lyle Munstain: early 20's, black*
Zak Ping: mid 20's, asian*
Rebecca Ping: mid 20's, black*
Brooke / Greg Olson: early 30's
Jesse Woodwind: late 20's    
Tabbie Rademacher: 17 years old!
Mercedes Proctor: early 30's
*implied ethnicity, would require rewrites to cast differently - all other characters are whatever.


The character Brooke/Greg Olson is dressed in drag.
Some suggestive situations, but not much kissing or touching required
Over the top silly murders (arrow through the head, hatchet in the back, that sort of thing)
Fake blood


Murderopolis!!! Is the murder/mystery farce set in a New England-style mansion. 8 guests are invited to dinner, but only one will walk away with the money. Will it be the seemingly harmless youngsters? The private dick? Pearl seems awfully good at orchestrating this whole event...and then there's Calvin, he always knows more than what seems natural. FIND OUT in this story of murder and intrigue!

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