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Las Hermanas Padilla (The Sisters Padilla)


Tony Meneses


John Cameron


NPF Production

First Rehearsal

March 29


May 1-2

Dress Rehearsal

May 2


May 3

Holiday Conflicts

March 29-30 - Passover
April 2 - Good Friday
April 4 - Easter Sunday

Roles to be Cast

Mari, the one who quietly leads
Carmen, the one who drinks
Chave, the one who cooks
Alejandra, the one who’s expecting
Lucha, the one who keeps a secret
Marta, the one with faith
Lucy, the one who laughs
Fidela, the one who’s taciturn
Cristina, the one who’s young
Blanca, the one on the outside


LAS HERMANAS PADILLA follows the story of ten sisters-in-law in Mexico, each affected by the anxiety and helplessness of a nameless war that has taken all of their husbands. As each waits for her husband to return home or for the names of the fallen to be delivered by carrier pigeon, they all must unite and embrace what is left of their family to survive in a world colored by the violence of war.


Download Scene One!

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