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Jen Silverman


Carol MacVey


NPF Production

First Rehearsal

March 30


May 2-3

Dress Rehearsals

May 3


May 4

Holiday Conflicts

March 29-30 - Passover
April 2 - Good Friday
April 4 - Easter Sunday

Roles to be Cast

Gil--- man, 35 (charismatic, certain, with mad-prophet eyes)
Joan--- woman, 34 (hungrier than a pack of wolves)
Mim--- girl, 12-14 (too smart and a little mean, someone who does not negotiate)


When Joan trades her former life for a dangerous new obsession called The Game, she thinks she’s found the solution to all of her problems. She moves into the basement of The Game's inventor, Gil, and joins him in the attempt to confront and vanquish their darkest fears, embracing everything from a jar of scorpions to electrocution. But when the arrival of Gil's daughter Mim coincides with a terrifying vision, Gil suffers a crisis of faith. Now all three must ask themselves if it is time to stop---or if there’s no going back.


Adult language, violence, sexuality, sharks. Download a scene!

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