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Born to be Wild


Alexander Thomas Scott


Elise Johnson



First Rehearsal

4 rehearsals during spring semster


March 29th

Dress Rehearsals

March 28th


March 29th


March 29th

Holiday Conflicts


Roles to be Cast

ARTHUR BUCANNAN VI - The Narrator of our Story. Your typical British Old Guy.             

MAYOR MICHAEL MUSTARD - The Mayor of Johnsonville, bent on the destruction of Hemingway's Wild Side.

NIGEL HEMINGWAY - The Owner of Hemingway's Wild Side.   
PATRICIA HEMINGWAY - His Wife, wouldn't hurt a fly - literally.

MARGARET HEMINGWAY - Their once beautiful, but now ugly and
disheveled daughter. An aspiring chemist.

SETH HEMINGWAY  - Their Teenage Son.  Gothic and somewhat confused about his sexuality.

CLYDE OWEN   - World Famous Pop Star, Self proclaimed "Sex God", and - you guessed it - gay.

GLORIA LEWIS   - The Witch from next door. Loathes the Hemingways.

NAOMI BROWN   - Seth's Girlfriend, an Animal Rights Activist.       
DELILAH HUNTER   - Nigel's first love, Gloria's life partner.

JARED PARKER   - A jock dumber than dirt.                 
IRENE BUCANNAN - Arthur's typical British Wife.  A Voice.
FRANK PICKLES- Clyde's Manager. Blunt.


Even though Born To Be Wild is a reading, there will be some movement involved, and most definitely interaction between each other. 
There is some doubling possible in the casting of this performance.
Clyde and Seth will sing in the show. 
There is some language and several adult situations in the show. 
 All cast should prepare for some movement throughout the piece.


Everyone sees their family as dysfunctional and The Hemingways are no different.  The story follows the last days of one summer, when Hemingway's Wild Side, the local pet shop, faces bankruptcy, while Clyde Owen, a world famous pop icon seduces Seth into homosexuality, Margaret questions what to do with her unborn baby, and Gloria lifts the veil on the dark past that is cowering in the corner of the crimson curtains. Will it all end happily ever after, one thing's for sure, It's bound to be one WILD ride.

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