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A Dream Play


August Strindberg (Caryl Churchill's Adaptation)


David Hanzal



First Rehearsal

January 28


March 7th - 16th

Holiday Conflicts

This project's closing performance will be on the first Saturday of Spring Break.

Roles to be Cast

We will cast an ensemble of 10-12 performers to play the following roles:                                  
Agnes, daughter of the Gods               Dancer                                  Old Coquette
Officer                                               Policeman                             Chair of Inquiry                 
Solicitor                                             Quarantine Master                  Psychoanalyst                          
Poet                                                  He                                         Scientist 
Kristine                                              She                                        Barrister 
                                                         Ugly Edith                              Odette
Glazier                                               Edith’s Mother                        Bishop                           
Officer's Father                                   Lieutenant                              Siegfried                               
Officer's Mother                                   Alice                                      Cio-Cio San                      
Lina                                                    Teacher                                  Suzuki         
Stage Door Keeper                               Husband                                Geishas                          
Billsticker                                            Wife                                       Theatregoers
Victoria                                                Blind Man                               Law Clerks                          
Singer                                                  Old Dandy                             Academics                         


*Things to Consider*
Using Caryl Churchill's adaptation of A Dream Play as a springboard, the cast will work as a collaborative ensemble, and our rehearsal
process will have a special focus on movement and collective visual dramaturgy. You will be expected and encouraged to improvise
and generate material in a fast-paced, positive environment. The process will include intense physical work within each individual's
Questions? Email Director David Hanzal at david.hanzal@gmail.com
This production may contain nudity.


A young woman comes from another world to see if life on Earth is really as difficult as people make it out to be. To her, human life is a
wonderland of dancing girls, misfits, and music hall numbers, where stories of joy and heartbreak merge and evaporate like dreams.
In Strindberg's A Dream Play, written in 1901, characters merge into each other, locations change in an instant, and a locked door
becomes an obsessively recurrent image. As Strindberg himself wrote in his Preface, he wanted "to imitate the disjointed yet seemingly
logical shape of a dream. Everything can happen, everything is possible and probable. Time and place do not exist."

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