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Sex with the Censor and Katie and Frank


Theresa Rebeck


Sarah Beth Weinberg


Presentation - Undergraduate Directors Festival

First Rehearsal

September 5


September 29

Dress Rehearsals

September 30 - October 1


October 2


October 5

Holiday Conflicts

September 1, Start of Ramadan
September 29 - October 1, Rosh Hashanah
September 30, Eid al-Fitr

Roles to be Cast

1 male
     The Censor- man whose restrictive job has warped his sexual impulses almost beyond recognition
      Frank- a young husband who struggles to handle his wife's behavior
1 female
    Prostitute- a young woman, in control of her body and sexuality, placed in an odd situation when hired by a censor

    Katie- a young wife who has been pushed to the brink by dissatisfaction with her life and her husband's behavior


(Musical requirements, choreography, stage combat, adult situations or any other issues that actors should know prior to being cast)
The actors cast will be required to play roles in two drastically different but short pieces. Each play should run no longer than ten (10) minutes.

Sex with the Censor requires the female actor to strip down to her underwear. It also includes sexually explicit speech.


(Any miscellaneous information about the production or the rehearsal process)

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