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The Congresswomen




Sarah Ballema


Second Stage

First Rehearsal

October 27


November 30

Dress Rehearsals

December 1 - 3


December 4


December 7

Holiday Conflicts

September 1, Start of Ramadan
September 29 - October 1, Rosh Hashanah
September 30, Eid al-Fitr
October 8 - 9, Yom Kippur

Roles to be Cast

Praxagora - An Athenian woman of radical views.  Has hatched a plan for the women to infiltrate Congress and vote themselves into power.  A natural leader.  Bemused by her co-conspirators who are not quite as good at it as she.
5-8 actresses will double as the following:
Chorus of Women
Crier - Praxagora's spokeswoman.  Enthusiastic.  Shrill.
Sweet Young Thing - A beautiful young Athenian.  Role involves some solo singing.
A Hag - The third ugliest woman in Athens.  Role involves some solo singing.
A Crone - The second ugliest woman in Athens.
A Harridan - The ugliest woman in Athens.
Blepyros - Praxagora's husband.  Naturally suspicious.  
Chremes - A dutiful man.  Follows the crowd.
Pheidolos - A mean man.  Frequently constipated.
Epigenes - A handsome young soldier.  Desperately (and obviously) longing for the Sweet Young Thing but waylaid by the Hag, Crone and Harridan.  Role will involve some solo singing.


This play is riotously funny - and pokes fun at the extremities we are all prone to.  The humor is anything but high-brow: generally sexual and frequently scatological.  Be warned!  No nudity or states of undress, but we'll be throwing around a phallus or two. 
There will be some group singing and choreography for the chorus.  I'm looking for actors who can sell the song rather than actors with superior voices.  


(Any miscellaneous information about the production or the rehearsal process)

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