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As You Like It


William Shakespeare


Carol MacVey



First Rehearsal

November 18


January 31 - February 1

Dress Rehearsals

February 2 - 4


February 5


February 15

Holiday Conflicts

This production is permitted to rehearsal on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and the week before the start of the Spring Semester.

Roles to be Cast

Precast (thesis roles):
Rosalind, Celia, Orlando, Jaques
casting:  6 women  11 men

women's roles: 
Duke (Duchess) Senior:  living in exile in the forest of Arden (will be played by a woman) 
Audrey: a country girl
Phoebe: a shepherdess
LeBeau/Lord(Lady) 2:attendant to Duchess- must be able to sing.
Lady 1: attendant to Duchess- must be able to sing
Lady 3: attendant to duchess: must be able to sing a solo 

Men's roles: 
Duke Frederick: brother who usurped his sister's property
Adam: Orlando's servant , preferably 40-60 yrs old
Oliver: Orlando's brother
Charles: a wrestler 
Touchstone: a clown
Silvius: a shepherd
Corin: a shepherd 
4 others who will play various lords, William, Jaques de Boys, Sir Oliver Martext 

Show Synopsis

Plot Synopsis: As You Like It - Synopsis


The role of Charles requires live wrestling. Ralph Hall will help with staging.
Singing is a plus although not a requirement except where stated. 


We will be rehearsing the week before spring semester begins. Attendance is required. 

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