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Andrew Saito


Nathan Halvorson



First Rehearsal

18 January 2011



Dress Rehearsals



24 February 2011


27 February 2011

Holiday Conflicts

Chinese New Year, 2/03

Roles to be Cast

3 F, 3 M

Astrud Izetti, an Opera Singer, blind, 40s to 50s - Formerly the darling of her country and president, she is now a prisoner after raising her voice against the rising dictatorial government that tortures politics dissidents to the tune of her opera recordings. She has abandoned the performance of opera in favor of popular protest songs.

Damarís Gamayaal, a Dancer, 20s to 30s -  She has grown up under the dictatorship. She uses her body as a tool and weapon against the government. She is imprisoned for her direct efforts to liberate prisoners from torture.

Ilongra Varga,Chief Justice of the High Court for the Defense of Culture, 50s to 60s - A patriot in her bones, she views herself as charged with protecting the integrity of her nation. Her son gave his life to protect the president from an assassination attempt. She adores Astrud's old opera recordings.

Colosio, a Prison Guard, age unspecified - He has worked in the prison for longer than he can remember. He is in love with Damaris, from afar, although his job is to torture her. He is a eunuch. 

Balblé, a Jailer, age unspecified - He holds the keys to all the cells in the prison. He is transfixed by Astrud's voice. He wants her to teach him to sing.

The Eater, a prisoner, age unspecified - The Eater is in an accelerating state of mental meltdown. At times he fancies himself a boy, at times a dog. He fancies his captors his family that keeps him safe.

Notices (Nudity,
adult language/situations,
physical requirements for
actors, etc.)

Some simulated violence.

Overall physicality for most of the roles.


The actress playing Astrud must be able to sing operatic arias.
The actress playing Damarís must be able to perform dance, preferably modern.
The role of the Eater is particularly physical in nature.

Nearly the entire play takes place in an underground prison, in an unnamed country.

This play is inspired by the government repression and widespread disappearance of civillians that occurred in the 1970s and 1980s in Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Imminent revisions to the script include further exploration and development of all the roles and relationships, particularly Damaris, Balble, and the Eater.

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