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photos from August 19, 2022in Iowa City

Acting Program

Top Row (left/right)
Isaac Addai, Aaron Castle, Johanna Kasimow, Orlando Lopez,  Mary Mayo, Michael Taylor, Monté Howell
Bottom Row
Kristy Hartsgrove Mooers, Caroline Clay, Sonya Madrigal, Katie Gucik,  Olivia Foster, Kat Guerrero, Dajzané Meadows-Sanderlin
Not Pictured
Paul Kalina

Directing Program

Kenneth Collins, Ann Kreitman, Natalie Villamonte Zito, Mary Beth Easley, Sarah Gazdowicz, Dan Fine

Design Program

Back Row (left/right)
Dan Fine, Jeffrey Oakley, Chloe Cobb, Abby Garraty, Loyce Arthur, Eric Stone, Victor Maldonado, Kaelen Novak, Colin Kiernan (BA), Bryon Winn, Mark Bruckner

Front Row
Abigail Mansfield-Coleman Alastair Ramirez

Playwrights Workshop & Dramaturgy Program


Christopher Lysik, Amanda Keating, Valerie Muensterman, Rebecca Weaver, Derick Edgren, Margo Skornia, Eli Campbell, Rob Asher, Xiaoyan Kang, Megan Gogerty, Dare Clubb, Alcindor Leadon, Scott Bradley Lisa Schlesinger, Colin Kiernan (BA)

Not Pictured

Sixtus Igbokwe, Isaiah Reaves, Art Borreca

Stage Management Program

Back Row (left/right)
Meenakshi K N, Sam Paradis, Melissa L.F. Turner, Sophie Young (BA), Savanha Moore

Front Row

Taylor Jackson, Hallie Patterson, Jordan Jones, Elizabeth Sarsfield (BA)

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