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photos from August 20, 2021 in Iowa City

Acting Program

Top Row (left/right)
Isaac Addai, Orlando Lopez, Dajzane Meadows-Sanderlin, Felipe Bombonato, Monte Howell, Olivia Foster,
Michael Taylor, Aaron Castle, Mary Mayo, Johanna Kasimow, Kristy Hartsgrove Mooers (zoom)
Bottom Row
Sonya Madrigal, Katie Gucik, DeZhane Rouse, Kathy Guerrero, Caroline Clay, Paul Kalina

Directing Program

Dan Fine, Kenneth Collins, Sarah Gazdowicz, Natalie Villamonte Zito, Mary Beth Easley, Ann Kreitman, Alan MacVey

Design Program 

Top Row (left/right)
Bryon Winn, Bethany Kasperek, Tobin Griffin, Victor Maldonado, Loyce Arthur, Mark Bruckner

Middle Row
Dan Fine, Abigail Mansfield-Coleman (pictured), Kaelen Novak (w/ mask), Alastair Ramirez (w/ mask), R. Eric Stone (w/ mask)

Bottom Row
Kaelen Novak (w/o mask), Alastair Ramirez (w/o mask), R. Eric Stone (w/o mask)

Playwrights Workshop & Dramaturgy Program

Top Row (left/right)
Charlie O'Leary (zoom), Lorenzo Roberts (zoom), Isaiah Reaves (pictured), Meredith Alexander (zoom), Dare Clubb (zoom), Kim Marra (zoom), Lisa Schlesinger (zoom)

Middle Row
Derick Edgren, Rob Asher, Margo Skornia, Nate Ferguson, Jarek Pastor, Jen Shook, Art Borreca

Bottom Row
Valerie Muensterman, Emma Silverman, Olivia Clement, Megan Gogerty, Amanda Keating

Not Pictured -  Ikram Basra, Jeremey Geragotelis, Christopher Lysik

Stage Management Program

Top Row (left/right)
Mady Davis,Dylan Nicole Martin, Hallie Patterson, Jordan Jones, Taylor Jackson, Brianna Maxwell (pictured), Melissa L.F. Turner

Main Office Staff

Koryn Dumond, Katie McClellen and Mary Beth Easley

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