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  • General Audition Sign-Up Sheet - Spring 2023


The Audition Sign-Up Sheet is locked. If you would like to audition and were unable to sign up, walk ups are welcome before 4:30pm.

Arrive 30 minutes Prior to your Audition

You must register at the audition table in the lobby of the Theatre Building at least 30 minutes prior to your audition slot or you will forfeit your slot.  Click here for more information about the auditions and the productions

To Sign up for an Audition Time: 

1. Click "Log In" on the top right corner to log into the system
2. Click on the "Edit" button in upper right hand corner
3. Type in your name on the table (like a Word Document) by the time you wish to audition
4. Click "Update" at the lower right hand corner

Don't forget to update your Performer Bank profile to show that you are participating in the Spring 2023 Auditions. 

Looking for the musical audition sign ups?

Click Here


General Auditions

A 3-minute time period is allotted for each general audition.  Please prepare 1-2 monologues. Total audition time must not exceed 3 minutes. You will be timed and asked to stop if this time limit is exceeded. 

Saturday, November 12th - Morning

Location: Room 172 in the Theatre Building

10:00aKatie Gucik
11:50aRyan Curriehe/him
10:04aMonté Howell
11:53aCharlie Thomashe/him/his
10:08aOlivia Foster
11:56aEmma Dowdingshe/her
10:12aOrlando Lopez
12:00pAbby Paulshe/her


Dajzane Meadows-Sanderlin
12:03pIsaac Moreheadhe/him
10:20aMichael Taylor
12:06pAlysun Shamburgshe/they
10:24aKat Guerrero
12:10pBraxten Jonesshe/her
10:28aIsaac Addai
12:13pGabby Johnsonthey/them

12:16pSara Alvidrez
10:36aSamantha Mayershe/her12:20pBrody Kivetthe/they

12:23pOlivia Jursikshe/her
10:43aHannah Shadeshe/her12:26pKayla Hochmanshe/her
10:46aVirginia MuturiShe/Her12:30pGrace Ziomekshe/they
10:50aNeil Smithson
12:33pBridget Diedenshe/her


Kolton Stremlerhe/him/his12:36pAllison Sassshe/her
10:56aJacob Licht
12:40pJakob Bates



12:43pDelaney Watermanshe/her
11:03aKayce Drevlineshe/her12:46pLindsey Wildman 


11:06aEllie Turkshe/her


Director Meal Break

11:10aMatthew LombardoHe/Him
11:13aNicolette MayerShe/Her
11:16aJoseph GoltlHe/Him
11:20aDirector Break (10 Minute Break)
11:30aMadeline Rodriguezshe/her
11:33aAlice Webstershe/her
11:36aMargaret Schafershe/they
11:40aTessa RamsdenShe/her
11:43aBella HohenadelShe/Her/Hers
11:46aAbby WeissShe/Her/Hers
Saturday, November 12th - Afternoon
Location: Room 172 in the Theatre Building
2:30pKatie ReddenShe/they4:03p

Sydney Krommendyk


2:33pHolland Larnedshe/her4:06p

2:36pAndrew Lindsay

2:40pJohn OrletHe/Him4:13p

2:43pJoseph LepireHe/Him4:16p


Jason Vernon

2:50pManasi KinikarShe/Her4:23p

2:53pMiriam OchsShe/Her4:26pElla Swartz




Emma Schroeder

3:00pLindsey Hillshe/her4:33p

On Hold

PSM will release if needed

3:03pLuis AvalosHe/Him4:36p
3:06pJordan Kinney she/her4:40p
3:10pJohan AvilaHe/Him4:43p
3:13pColin PayanHe/Him4:46p
3:16pKaty Rothfuszshe/her4:50p
3:20pElaina Singletonshe/her4:53p
3:23pMae Dolanshe/her4:56p
3:26pOlivia Morrow she/her5:00p
3:30pTrinity Christoffersonshe/they5:03p
3:33pKylen PhillipsHe/Him5:06p
3:36pJasper RoodHe/Him5:10p
3:40pMadeleine Heathshe/they5:13p
3:43pNat Payanthey/them5:16p
3:46pEmma Kohlenbergshe/her5:20p
3:50pDirector Break (10 Minute Break)5:23p


Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact the Department of Theatre Arts in advance at 319-335-2700.

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