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This is a page that we can post templates for different paperwork that stage managers generate. If you need a template, please let us know. 

PLEASE NOTE: This paperwork is available to modify and use for production work at the University of Iowa. 

Do not use for class work, as it will be considered plagiarism.   


Pre-Production Paperwork

Callback Form (Sears)

Bio Form (Sears)

Deputy Form (Sears)

Emergency Form (Sears)

Medical Form (Simons)

Info Sheet/Emergency Form (Makosky)

PreProduction To-Do List (Makosky)

Production Calendar (Sears)

WE Production Calendar (Mantione)

BiB Production Calendar (Mantione)

Basic Calendar (Makosky)

LS Rehearsal Calendar (Mantione)

^BiB Reh Cal v1.pngBiB Rehearsal Calendar (Mantione)

French Scene Breakdown (Sears)

French Scene Breakdown (Simons)

Actor Breakdown (Sears)

Character Breakdown (Simons)

Actor/Scene Breakdown (Makosky)


Rehearsal Paperwork

Who/What/When (Sears)

Blocking Page (Sears)

Line Notes (Sears) 

Line Notes (Makosky)

Line Notes (Simons)

Prop List (Sears)

Props List (Simons)

Props List (Makosky)

Rehearsal Schedule (Sears)


Tech Week Paperwork

NPF Tech Schedule (Sears)

NPF Tech Schedule (Simons)

White Elephant Gallery Tech Schedule (Mantione)

Lost Sharks Tech Schedule (Mantione)

BiB Tech Schedule (Mantione)


Performance Paperwork

Shift Plot (Sears)

Shift Plot (Makosky)

PreShow Checklist (Makosky)


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