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The Congresswomen 
Thank you to everyone!

To View Sides: Click on Attachments in the upper right corner of this page, right below the search box.  You will see a list of .PDF files.  (If you are looking through your Aristophanes anthology for the play it is frequently translated as the Assembly of Women or Women's Assembly.)

Women: All women will read for Chorus Women and Hags (See sides Women 1, Women 2, Soldier and Hag, Soldier Crone, Harridan).  

If Praxagora (Prax) or Sweet Young Thing (SYT) is listed by your name, you will also be read for those.  (See Sides Praxagora's Prologue, Prax Speech and SYT and Hag.)

Men: You may be read for any of the four male roles, if there is one you are particularly interested in let us know when you check in.  (See Sides Men 1, Men 2, and the Soldier sides.)

You need not print all the sides out - they will be provided for you at callbacks.  You are, of course, welcome to bring your own.

Questions or Conflicts?  Sarah Ballema 773.425.2983  sballema@hotmail.com  

Sunday, August 31

Room 212, Brewery Square

6:30 - 7:15
Nicole Astel (Prax)

Christina Gulick (Prax/SYT)

Morgan Gire (Prax)

Sami LeVine (SYT)

Kim Carney

Maggie Blake 

Mathew Benyo

Kjai Block

Spencer Gilbert

Kyle Niemer

Jason Richards 

7:15 - 8:00
Kailyn Busbee (Prax)

Stephanie Daft (SYT)

Makeba Henry (Prax)

Alaynna Lycke

Elise Vaux (Prax/SYT)

Brittainy Barattia (SYT) 

Austin Gruber

Zach Moorman

Adam Winter

Noah Parks  

8:00 - 8:30
Jessica Bocade (Prax)

Deonna Bouye (Prax)

Megha Nabe (Prax/SYT)

Julie Daniels 

Nick Garcia

David Pinsof   

Monday, September 1

Room 212, Brewery Square 

4:00 - 5:00
Lauren Baker

Beth Gansen

Brooke LeWarne (Prax)

Sarah Hinzman (Prax/SYT)

Daisy McKinlay

Maggie Jones

Ashley Shortridge 

Richard Adams

Dan Ceresia

Soren Olsen

Nick Lecnar

Nick Kurtz 

5:00 - 6:00
Sarah Elster

Bethann Gavin

Amy Haeussler

Sarah McDermott (Prax/SYT)

Megan Norman (Prax)

Lindsay DeLand (SYT) 

Andrew Clancey

Anderson Lamp

Sam Miller

Alex More 

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