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-This is a play about the fall of America (or a great superpower) in an existential universe

-It is a play about the next World War, after this one has ended. It is a play about the fact that we have learned nothing from this war, or any previous wars we have fought.

-The war was originally started over Helen. For our contemporary equivalent, Helen is cause we can all stand behind. 9/11 could be Helen. Freedom could be Helen.  Women’s liberation in Afghanistan could be Helen. However, that initial cause has been corrupted, and after 10 years of fighting, nobody can remember what that initial uniting cause to go to war was. Helen has now become something less noble: perhaps oil, money, sex, other natural resources, or gaining power (imperialism). Helen could also have been a huge conspiracy theory by the gods. Note: these are all reasons we have fought wars in the past.

-The Gods on mount Olympus are both tyrannical and selfish. An equivalent in our culture might be CEOs, presidents, government officials, or bureaucrats. Zeus is a tyrant, a profiteer. He is paranoid, scared. He is selfish.

-Agammemnon has gone to war over a personal problem (Helen).But he is a bumbling leader, not a visionary. (Think something along the lines of George bush….but not necessarily Bush, but in that direction)

-Achilles is famous, a cross between god and man. An equivalent in our culture would be a movie star marine.

-Thetis is a goddess. Her equivalent in our culture is again, something along the lines of movie star or celebrity. Think about subtle American movie star icons.

-Priam is a good, humble man. He is someone we look up to. He might be a governor, or a mayor. He is the people’s leader.

-The Acheans are a militarized, technological dominant world power. This is the end of their expansion. They are falling.

-The Myrmadons are the fighters led by Achilles. Think Marines, Navy Seals, etc.

-Terrorism exists in this world. However, it is mostly manifested by the media (i.e. the images of death and destruction that we are constantly subjected to as a culture, and the way we are told to think about things by the media).

-The chorus could be voices in this media. They could be the media. The modern day media serves a similar purpose as the chorus did in ancient Greece.

From Christine Scarfuto, Dramaturg

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