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A Blue We All Know

Rehearsal Schedule for the Week of September 29, 2008

Tuesday, September 30








pg 4-11

7p - 8p

Crowd, Brook






pg 9-15

8p - 9p

Add:  Man, Woman






pg 4 (sea shell)

9p - 9:30p

Add:  Seamus

Release: Brook, Crowd





pg 15-29


Add:  Powelly






Thursday, October 2








pg 37-45

7p - 8p

Tack, Sound Guy






pg 29-32, 38-45

8p - 9:30p

Add: Crowd, Brook, Pow






pg 32-38


Add: Man, Woman, Sea

Release: Crowd, SG, Tack





Friday, October 3








pg 45-50

7p - 7:30p

Crowd, Sound Guy






pg 46-52

7:30p - 8:30p

Add: Man, Woman, Sea






pg 52-56

8:30p - 9:45p

Add: Brook

Release: Crowd, SG, M, W





pg 40-44


Add: Powelly

Release: Brook





Saturday, October 4

2p - 6p



Review of week's rehearsal work.




2p - 6p

All Cast Members










Sunday, October 5

4:30p - 10:30p

Details TBA






pg 56 - 76

Whale/ocean scene & Powelly's shoulder scene.

(Pow, Brook, Sea, Crowd, News)

other possible scenes:




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