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by Leigh Marshall

directed by Eric Marlin

SynopsisA lawyer stalks her ex-fiancée to Las Vegas on his birthday weekend with a plan to win him back. Her plan is derailed by a Brazilian stripper with a penchant for moral experiments, a pagan priestess whose phase of the moon is changing, and the omnipotent Goddess who observes from the bar.

BEATRIX ZIMMERMAN, early 30s, a corporate lawyer. Politician’s daughter. Inelegant. Female (trans* or cis). Person of color.

IMANUELA CUNHA, late 20’s, a Brazilian stripper. A moral experimenter. Female (trans* or cis). Afro-Brazilian.

ARIANRHOD WHITE / STAG GIRL, late 20’s, High Priestess of the Lunar Temple of Las Vegas. A true innocent. Savvy businesswoman. Female (trans* or cis). Person of color.

IDEAL ANDERS / DRUNK ANDERS / ANDERS LOJIC, mid-30s, a perpetual PhD candidate. Self-proclaimed philosopher. The birthday boy. Male (trans* or cis). Any ethnicity. 

THE GODDESS, ageless, immortal. Female (trans* or cis). Any ethnicity.

HESTIA/BARTENDER, appears as a late teen, a precocious spirit. Female (trans* or cis). Any ethnicity.

Trigger WarningsAdult content & sexual situations.

You can check out a copy of the script in the Theatre Building Main Office.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Leigh Marshal (