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Set in an abandoned and perfectly manicured English estate, a young Yoruban girl becomes caretaker to a military man’s African American wife. A friendship ensues, but the buried secrets of the past come calling from across the sea, while an unexplained illness overtakes the park's deer population. 

London: 1886-87. A rare case of rabies developed among the deer population of Richmond Park. At the same time, Louis Pasteur was seeking funds to build Institutes all over the world, riding on the success of his recent (secretly appropriated) rabies vaccine. White Lodge, a royal residence during this time, was inhabited on and off by the Teck family, who escaped to Europe after owing too much money to the Queen.


5 M, 3 W (no doubling)

DOLORES DARLING                                   45, female, African American, married to Hector - sleepwalks

COL. GEORGE HECTOR DARLING           53, male, White, American, former union Cavalry Colonel American Civil War – clever and controlling

MARLA IFE ADENIJI                                    16, female, Yoruban, daughter of Ayotunde – a hunter and much older than her years

LOUIS PASTEUR                                         65, male, French, world-famous scientist and microbiologist 

AYOTUNDE ADENIJI                                   30s, male, Yoruban, friend of Hector, a zoologist 

DR. STEPHEN CARVER                             49, male, white and Comanche, former field surgeon

ALEANNA MERRIWETHER                        45, female, American, doctor

REVERAND RANDALL                                28, male, British, Anglican deacon

by K.T. Peterson

Directed by Meredith Alexander

Script Consultation by Morgan Grambo

The script is available for perusal in the main office. QUESTIONS? (KT's email)