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Dance Workshop


Takao Kawaguchi


 Special Event in Dance



Event Date

Sept 30-Oct 1

Roles to be Cast



Takao Kawaguchi BIO: Takao Kawaguchi is one of Japan’s leading contemporary performance artists of the past two decades. Beginning with Le Théâtre de la Mandragore Tokyo and his self-formed company, ATA Dance, he then became a member of the seminal Japanese contemporary performance group, Dumb Type, in 1996-2008. Kawaguchi’s solo career began in the early 2000s, collaborating with modern-punk musicians and artists, including Atsuhiro Itoh, Fuyuki, and Daito Manabe. Since 2008, Kawaguchi has continued working on his biographical solo, site-specific, docudrama performance series called, a perfect life. Recently inspired by the founders of butoh dance, Kawaguchi created The Ailing Dance Mistress -- Two solos inspired by the texts of Tatsumi Hijikata (2012) and About Kazuo Ohno--Reliving the Butoh Divas Masterpieces (2013), the latter of which has toured Asia and Europe. Kawaguchi’s latest work, Touch of the Other, a performance based on the sociological research on male to male sex in public toilets in the 60s by US sociologist Laud Humphreys, was presented at ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives and REDCAT Theater in Los Angeles before the January 2016 premiere in Tokyo. Kawaguchi was the director of Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival from 1996-1999 and translated filmmaker Derek Jarmans book, Chroma, into Japanese in 2002.



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