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Job Title

Standardized Patient


Alan MacVey & Melissa Turner


 Special Event, on going job

Job Description

The College of Nursing is seeking a few actors to serve as “standardized patients” for graduate students in a Psychiatric/Mental Health course. Each actor will talk by Skype for about twenty minutes to two nursing students twice each semester (a total of 4 sessions). The professor of the course will give actors information about a disorder their character/patient has, and the actors will play that role during the call. Disorders might be alcoholism, depression, panic attacks, etc.  Calls will be scheduled when both the actor and the nursing student are available. Each actor will receive $150 per semester for these four phone sessions and one training session. 

If you are interested, contact Melissa Turner (Melissa-Turner@uiowa.edu) before September 1.


There will be a sign up list at auditions for those who are interested and would like to learn more. Currently there are 3 positions available. However, this is an on going project and we will maintain a list of interested individuals in the department.

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