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The Girl Who Came Out The Wrong Way


Caitlin Rose Edwards


Taylor Edelle Stuart


Gallery Theatre B

1st Rehearsal

September 19


October 23-26


October 27-30

Roles to be Cast

ME - F - (Age 18-30) Looking back.

HER - F - (Age 15-25) Growing up.

MOTHER // TEACHER - F - (Age 25-50) The nurturer.

FATHER // DOCTOR - M - (Age 25-50) The provider.

SISTER #1 // GIRL #1 - F - (Age 15-20) Like Blossom, from the Power Puff Girls

SISTER #2 // GIRL #2 - F - (Age 15-20) Like Buttercup, from the Power Puff Girls.

HIM - M - (Age 15-20) Every man you've ever known.

GHOST - M/F - (Age 15-20) ...An answer for another time.


TGWCOTWW is a woman's coming of age story set in a male-centric world, not far from our own. This play follows the life of a girl, from birth until adulthood, and explores the relationships that shape her.

A Note from the Playwright:

“From every story I have ever heard. Was ever told. Have ever told. From my mother. My sister. My friend. My father. From every person who told me a woman’s story was this. Or a woman’s story was that. From every person who told me a woman’s story wasn’t worth the time. Wasn’t worthy. I wasn’t worthy. Because I was born upside down. Because I was born feet first. Because I had urgency. Agency. Had connection to ground. On which I walk on. On which I take a stand on. On which I still fight on.”


Actors will have off location video shoot dates during regularly scheduled rehearsal.

This project will explore the vast and complex world of mixing cinema and live performance. 

This is an ensemble based show.

Please be prepared for movement at callbacks. Dance background is graciously welcomed!

Holiday Conflicts

9/22 Equinox (Mabon/Ostata), 10/1- 9 Navaratri / Dassehra , 10/2 Muharram (Al Hijrah - New Year), 10/3-4 Rosh Hashanah*, 10/10 Columbus Day (Observed), 10/12 Yom Kippur*, 10/17 Sukkoth*, 10/24 Sh’mini Atzeret*, 10/25 Simchat Torah*, 10/30 Diwali


* All Jewish and Islamic holidays listed above begin at sundown on the previous day.

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