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A note from the Director to everyone that auditioned: 
On behalf of the whole creative team I just wanted to thank all of you who came out to audition for this crazy show! The amount of talent we saw in just three days was overwhelming making our decision a very difficult one. Thanks for making it such a fun and rewarding experience. I hope to get to work with you all sometime in the future!

NickBrandon BurkhardtJoey Lepire

NigelCullen AsberyNeil Smithson


Peter QuinceNeil SmithsonDraw from Ens/
RobinKylen Phillips
TomJoey Lepire
SnugNicolette Mayer
FrancisEllie Turk
HoratioTony Nguyen

BeaSamantha MayerVirginia / Andie

PortiaAlice ConroyHelaina Kalman

Lady ClaphamVirginia MuturiEllie Turk

MinstrelAndelyn SundermanNiyati Despande

ShakespeareJacob LichtIan Olderog

Brother JeremiahAlex Granfield

ShylockMargaret SchaferEllie Turk

NostradamusBrody OhmEns.

Master of Justice/Ensembledraw from Ens.Ens.


Helaina Kalman

Niyati Desphande

Kayce Drevline

Kate Tonn

Sophia Kilburg

Alice Beberdick

Ian Olderog

Miriam Ochs

Jasper Rood