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A Plant


Jarek Pastor


Ann Kreitman
Stage Manager Brillian Qi-Bell


Gallery, Mabie Theatre 

1st Rehearsal

September 21


October 18-October 23


October 24

Roles to be Cast

LAB (leyb): Laborer. Retired orator; domasticated [sic] sophist. Carries an unearthly weight in their hands. Work boots; knit skullcap; purple coveralls cut to resemble the silhouette of a “yokel”— smattered with dirt, sand, dust, and blood from some indeterminable past. Prematurely old. Gender irrelevant.

ANDAM (an’dam): LAB’s latest assembly. The preciface [sic] to new life. Such a good kid, just trying to do right. Doesn’t even know their own strength. Form-confounding purple robe (preferably made from curtain). Unflinchingly young. Gender-unacquainted. Sex inconceivable.

SPEAKER: Head of an unseen collective. Amateur storyteller.

RECEIVERS: Body of an unseen collective. Semi-pro listeners.

  • Character description of age relates to energy levels, disregards natural age.


A Plant is part-clown, part elegy, part-presentation on cultivation. A Speaker presents the story of the last living laborer’s attempt at preparing a future life form to repopulate the planet. Despite a dependence on faulty tools, the laborer, Lab, manages to produce a successful life, Andam. Authorities request to see Andam for a final evaluation, leaving Lab alone to die and Andam alone to live.


Holiday Conflicts

9/18-9/20  Rosh Hashanah*, 9/22  Equinox (Mabon/Ostata), 9/28 Yom Kippur*, 10/2-10/9  Sukkot*, 10/9-10/11  Sh’mini Atzeret *, 10/11 Simchat Torah*, 10/12 Indigenous Peoples' Day, 10/12 Columbus Day (Fed. Observed), 10/17-10/26  Navaratri

Holidays marked with an asterisk (*) begin at sundown on the previous day.

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