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Fathers and Sons


Valerie Muensterman


Mary Mayo

Stage ManagerElizabeth Sarsfield


Gallery, MacVey Theatre

1st Rehearsal

January 17


February 21-23

PerformancesFebruary 24-26

Roles to be Cast

Age (Presentation)

Gender (Presentation)


Eugene Bazarov24MaleA medical student and nihilist YouTuber. Mentor figure to Arkady. Intellectual, fiery, a fighter. Son of Vassily.
Arkady Kirsanov22MaleRecent college grad looking for direction in life. Follower of Bazarov's channel, now his friend. Sweet, hopeful, sensitive. Son of Nikolai.

Nikolai Kirsanov

50sMaleLifelong auto mechanic. Wants his son to be happy but doesn't want to interfere. Gentle, rough around the edges. Father of Arkady.
Fenichka Nikolayevna 40sFemaleAn online adjunct theater teacher. Spends nights teaching students in China the history of theater. Responsible, hardworking, slightly disillusioned. Partner of Nikolai.
Pavel Kirsanov50s-60sMaleReal estate investor, Wall-Street type. Wears full suit even though he lives in the country with his brother. Clashes with Bazarov. Brother of Nikolai. Uncle of Arkady.
Viktor Sitnikov21AnyOvereager college student. Took one Intro to Pysch class and now believes free will does not exist.
Anna Odinstov28FemalePolygraphist. One of the few sincerely open-minded people in the world. Shows few prejudices but also few convictions. Confident, witty, intuitive. Intrigued by Bazarov. Sister to Katya.
Katya Odintsov20FemaleHairdresser. Finds it hard to escape from older sister's shadow. Meek, observant, hardheaded. Younger sister of Anna.
Vassily Bazarov50s-60sMaleRetired army surgeon. Adoring father of Bazarov, proud his son is following in his line of work. Gregarious, giving, comical. Husband to Arina.
Arina Bazarov50s-60sFemaleHomemaker. Adoring mother of Bazarov, also afraid of scaring him away. Overbearing but goodhearted. Superstitious, busy, doting. Wife of Vassily.
SynopsisRecent graduate Arkady Kirsanov returns home to his father’s house in the country. With him is his enigmatic friend, Evgeny Bazarov, a nihilist YouTuber. Arkady’s father is shocked to learn his son shares his outlook on life: he rejects art, nature, romanticism of any kind. But practice is messier than theory. The appearance of intelligent Anna Odintsova tests the friends’ convictions. Arkady tries to woo her; however, she takes an interest in Bazarov, who is soon disgusted to realize he has fallen in love.

Intimacy and Fight Choreography: 1) Kissing between Bazarov and Anna. 2) A physical fight between Bazarov and Arkady. 3) Pavel points a gun at Bazarov.

For more information about specific moments of intimacy/violence and who is involved in these see here.

Important Dates/Holidays

1/17 Spring Classes Begin, 1/22 Seol-nal. 1/22 Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit), 1/22 Tet Nguyen Dan, 2/5 Thaipusam, 2/2 Groundhog Day, 2/12 Superbowl, 2/20 Tsagaan Sar, 2/14  St. Valentine's Day, 2/15 Nirvana Day, 2/20 Presidents’ Day, 2/18 Lailat al Miraj*, 2/18 Maha Shivaratri, 2/21 Mardi Gras, 2/22 Ash Wednesday (Beginning of Lent), 2/21 Losar

* Holidays marked with an asterisk (*) begin at sundown on the previous day.

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