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Nice People


Martin Alosha Robinson


David Freeman


Reading/Special -Room 172

First Rehearsal

March 9th


Tech/Dress Reh.

March 26th


March 27th

Roles to be Cast

DANNY HARKIN - Charismatic, yet fragile ego-maniac who wants nothing in life but to be loved by everyone as much as he loves himself. Has an energetic but tenuous grasp of the English language. Male.

MELINDA HARKIN - Terribly intelligent and violently emotional. Dabbles in mythological fantasies and existentialism. Female.

RON DARROW - Meek, milque-toast idealist beaten down by the unadultered hatred of the world around him. Looking for more in life. Male.

MONICA LUCCE - At first impression, a cookie-cutter bimbo bombshell. In reality, a confident, logical woman with a strong backbone. Female.

BLAINE REDBRICK - A man of few words. Male.

CELIA WADE - An unsettlingly off-kilter ball of manic quirkiness. Becomes aggressively infatuated with potential soul-mates. Female.

ROBERT SCROOD - Dry and sardonic sleazebag. Overtly sexual, with unjustifiabe confidence. Shameless in delivering even the crudest statements innocuously. Male. 

WORKER #1 - A polite and mild-mannered wallflower with a hot streak of passive-aggressive. Has a strangely protective, almost paternal crush on Danny. Male/Female.

WORKER #2 - Insecure "peon" searching desperately for their big moment. Male/Female.

GREGAREY - A bizarre homeless person adopted by Danny. Male/Female. 


There are no age restricted roles.

Adult language is used in the production. 



Holiday Conflictsnone.
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